Month: February 2019

Don’t Let Decay Get The Best Of You

When you’re down and out about your tooth decay that we discovered during your last visit, you may find that having a cavity is really making you feel bad! This, of course, is not something our Ankeny, IA team wants! Instead, we want you to realize that everything is going to be just fine, that… Read more »

Spring Smile Fun!

There are times, of course, to take a serious look at your oral health. However, that doesn’t mean there isn’t still room for a bit of fun! Now that spring is on the horizon and we can soon say goodbye to the colder days of winter, our Ankeny, IA team encourages you to think about… Read more »

Cassette/Vinyl Conversion Class

What’s going on with that vinyl collection of yours? Is it collecting dust in boxes in the attic? How about those old cassette tapes? Are they boxed up? Maybe you listen to your entire music collection but you’re starting to worry about preserving your favorites and what will come of things as technology continues to… Read more »

3 Things It’s Okay To Admit (And Why!)

Sometimes, you may think that what you need to do is to keep things to yourself. Unfortunately, when it comes to your dental care, when you remain tight-lipped, the decision can often backfire and cause you to remain without necessary information, to deal with easy-to-treat problems that you are trying to sweep under the rug,… Read more »

Why Your Usual Brushing Stopped Working

You think to yourself that you’ve been brushing the same way for a very long time. So, with that said, why would your usual efforts that used to guide you toward a healthy smile suddenly stop working? Is it you? Or, is the universe just playing some sort of trick against you? Sorry to report… Read more »

Do You Have One Of These In Your Dental Hygiene Collection?

When you’re taking a look through your dental hygiene collection, what do you see? Are you looking at the same toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss you have been using for years? Maybe you have added a tongue scraper because you never liked brushing your tongue, you learned about this accessory, and it has changed your life!… Read more »

Feeling Shy? Call Your Local Dentist Anyway!

Your local dentist knows better than most that if you’re a patient feeling shy about something, you are far less likely to come in, let us know what you need or want, and that in most cases it will turn out that there was no reason to feel shy in the first place. So, our… Read more »

3 Reasons You Can’t Get By Without Checkups

If someone from our Ankeny, IA team asked you if you should get dental checkups twice a year, you would likely say, “Yes! Of course!” However, do you know why you actually cannot get by without them? Are you aware of the fact that they do a lot for your oral health? When you are… Read more »

3 Minor Annoyances You Should Not Ignore

Sometimes, something going on with your smile is a little bit annoying. Maybe it’s something you cannot quite figure out how to handle. Maybe it’s a symptom that’s sort of frustrating but not enough to cause serious alarm. Whatever this little issue is, our Ankeny, IA team wants you to remember that it is usually… Read more »

Dental Care: What’s Necessary And What Isn’t?

You know, of course, that you need dental care in order to keep your smile healthy. However, what is not necessarily so clear is which types of care are absolutely necessary, which ones offer you some options, and then which types of care are completely elective. It may seem a little confusing at the get… Read more »