Month: November 2019

4 R’s For Success With Your Smile Protection! 

As you already know, figuring out just what it takes to feel on track and amazing about your smile care is definitely unique to each patient. Some do better by implementing a lot of structure. Others prefer to give themselves incentives. It’s all about getting in touch with the way you work! With that said,… Read more »

Hidden Holiday Damage Starting With “W”: Preventing Problems!

Of course, during holiday time, it would be lovely if we knew that the magic of the season could make our smiles immune to any type of damage! Unfortunately, our Ankeny, IA team sometimes finds that patients guess that this might be possible, only to emerge at the other side of the season with issues… Read more »

Cheers! Drinks that Support Your Smile

We are entering the family get-together and favorite food and beverage season, but that doesn’t mean your oral hygiene can’t be as good as ever. As you think about family dinners and special restaurant meals, your Ankeny, IA family dentist can offer suggestions to help prevent cavities and keep teeth strong and healthy without sacrificing… Read more »

Vintage Christmas Tree Painting Party  

What type of Christmas tree do you have in your home? A real one that smells divine? An artificial one that has stood by you, year after year, offering the promise of twinkling lights and happy memories? If you’ve ever found yourself itching for something a bit less conventional (or you just happen to really… Read more »

Could You Have Bruxism and Not Know It?

Bruxism, or the constant grinding of your teeth, can sometimes be a more complex concern to deal with than issues like tooth decay or gum disease. For example, it can be caused by a variety of factors, and therefore, treatment might be different for every patient who has it. In addition, bruxism isn’t always obvious… Read more »

Cold And Flu Season: When Sickness Hits (Smile Tips)

Yikes! You know that in addition to feeling excited about the holiday season, the cooler weather means something much less enchanting is upon us: It’s cold and flu season! Nobody wants to talk about it but, of course, most of our friends and neighbors in our Ankeny, IA community are stocking up on extra tissue,… Read more »

Answering Common Cosmetic Care “Should” Questions! 

When it comes to the types of questions you may find yourself asking about cosmetic dental care, what you may come to find is that your inquiries might often include the word, “should.” You may wonder, should I do this, and should I do that? While there are lots and lots of ways to approach… Read more »

Wintertime Dental Sensitivity: Some Helpful Information 

You know all about dental sensitivity, of course, and that when your teeth feel they’re being “zinged” so to speak, it’s time to let us know you need a bit of help from our Ankeny, IA team. With that said, if sensitivity is a common theme in your life, then you also know when you’re… Read more »

Free Chair Yoga & Meditation Class 

Are you extremely interested in yoga and meditation but finding a way to practice this form of deep stretching, relaxation, and mindfulness within our Ankeny, IA community feels challenging because engaging in these practices on the ground isn’t something you can (or want) to do at the moment? If finding the opportunity to enjoy the… Read more »

4 (Helpful) Ways To Think About Restorative Care

How many different approaches have you ever taken to thinking about restorative care and what it means for your smile? Have you considered a variety of perspectives, so that you cultivate a deep appreciation of this field of dental care that provides you with the ability to regain your smile health? Or, would you say… Read more »