Month: October 2018

VHS Conversion Class

What’s that you have in those boxes that you rarely look at but that you’d really like to do something about? Is it your collection of VHS tapes that include your favorite movies, home videos, and more? If you’ve been wondering (possibly for many years) what to do with them, now that you don’t even… Read more »

3 Things You Should Be Able To Say When Getting In Bed

Our Ankeny, IA team always reminds you to practice your dental hygiene both in the morning and then in the evening. However, we’re not always incredibly specific about when in the evening or what should (or shouldn’t) happen between your second brushing and flossing session for the day and bedtime. The truth is, though, it’s… Read more »

Important Knowledge: Protect Your Dental Implant!

Are you sure about what it’s going to take to protect dental implants, should you choose them for your smile? Do you know how to protect those that are already in place? When it comes to keeping these root-replacements safe (and their restorations, too), you might not really feel certain about what’s required. Should you… Read more »

Sugar Tips: It’s All About Limiting Contact   

Are you in need of some serious help with sugar? You know that it’s “bad” and can lead to problems but what you’d really like is to better understand how to navigate your family’s consumption of sweets. When is it okay? What’s better and what’s worse? What’s the main problem, you wonder? Fortunately, when it… Read more »

Your Questions About Smile-Safe Snacking!

There are few things more disappointing than learning something you absolutely love could be bad for your smile health. You already know that sugar isn’t good for your teeth and gums, which is certainly not something that makes you very happy! When you learn that it’s possible your daily snacking could also prove hazardous, well… Read more »

Q&A: Your Local Dentist Talks About Porcelain Care

If you’re excited about the changes you’re going to make to your smile with porcelain, whether that means you’re going to receive veneers or you are coming in for a porcelain crown, one thing is certain: You might end up with a whole lot of questions because you’re just not sure what to make of… Read more »

Bruxism Disorder: Autumn Hazards To Avoid!

Your bruxism disorder is not only at the mercy of your decision to come in, meet with our team, and head home with oral appliance therapy to make it better. You may forget about the fact that the simple changing of the seasons can play a serious role in whether you’re on track with protecting… Read more »

Teen “Pumpkin Chuck” Event 2018

Have you ever seen a pumpkin smashed in the middle of the road and wondered who threw it there? Perhaps your teens saw the same thing and yelled, “Cool!” as you drove by the bright orange mess. While your kiddos are well-mannered enough not to recreate this on their own, perhaps the upcoming Teen “Pumpkin… Read more »

A Few Reminders For Our New Patients

Are you a new patient with us? If so, then we are so happy you have joined our Ankeny, IA dental practice as your dental care home! We know, of course, that as you get started, you will probably come up with questions along the way (and that your priority is gaining a sense of… Read more »

Dental Treatments For Your “Best” Smile

How are you supposed to know what you need for your best smile? Is this strictly limited to preventive care, you wonder? What makes one type of restoration “better” than another? How about cosmetic dental care? Is it something that is going to be necessary to get to the pinnacle of your smile potential? We… Read more »