Month: March 2019

Healthy Soils, Healthy Streams Event

You might be able to guess from the name that this upcoming sustainability and green living event is going to be quite an information-packed one … it’s the Healthy Soils, Healthy Streams: How to Have a Nice Lawn & Protect Water Quality presentation! Fortunately, if you’ve been wondering what you might do to better maintain… Read more »

Discoloration To Discomfort: We Treat It All

What’s going on with your smile? Did you know that no matter what it is, you don’t have to sit at home feeling worried, feeling upset, frantically searching for ideas online, or wondering what’s going to happen? If you’re not already aware, our Ankeny, IA team wants you to take away one single thing from… Read more »

Children’s Care: A Few Things We Automatically Help You With

When you schedule dental checkups for your kiddos, you may always feel like you should be compiling a long list of questions that pop up in your mind from time to time. You may worry that if you don’t remember to ask about particular issues, you may forget about them, and then your child may… Read more »

Sleep Apnea Awareness Month: 3 Takeaways

What should you do in order to really take something positive away from the fact that March is Sleep Apnea Awareness Month? It’s not exactly the type of thing you celebrate by heading out for ice cream! It’s also not something you want to ignore if you think that just maybe this is your sign… Read more »

3 Things You’ll Learn During A Dental Visit

You know that there’s education to be had during your dental visits with us! However, as far as what you can expect to learn when you’re seeing us for dental checkups and cleanings, you may feel unsure. What’s this appointment really going to reveal to you about your oral health that you don’t already know,… Read more »

Books & A Bite Event

Do your kiddos love to tell you all about the books they’re reading, while they unwind from a day at school over a snack? Do they like to share every last detail because they happen to be quite enamored with reading? Well then, you may wish to consider the monthly Ankeny, IA library event that’s… Read more »

My Tooth Shape Is Weird! Can I Change It?

Depending on the patient, a concern that one’s tooth shape is “weird” can mean so many things! It might mean that you think your teeth are far too long for a beautiful smile. You may think that the general contour is off and wish you could change them to look more rectangular, less triangular, etc…. Read more »

3 Things To Consider: About Your Tongue!

There are some things you should really consider when it comes to your tongue. However, since you probably spend the majority of your energy ensuring you’re doing your best to keep your teeth in the most exceptional shape possible (as you strive to protect your gum tissue from inflammation), your tongue may become an afterthought…. Read more »

The Other Stuff That’s Happening To Your Mouth

There are those run of the mill things that may happen to your mouth that seem like regular old problems. You have a toothache. You chip a tooth. You’re accustomed to these issue being a possible part of life, so when they occur, you know that you should call us. However, then there are those… Read more »

Say Goodbye To That Toothache In 4 Steps

A toothache can strike on any day, at any time of day, and sometimes it’s surprisingly convenient. Other times, you wonder how you could possibly have developed discomfort at such an inopportune moment. Whatever the particulars of the experience, one thing is always true: It feels quite terrible and you really want a solution as… Read more »