Month: June 2019

12th Annual All-City Play Day!

Do you ever think back fondly on summer days, field day at school, and more? Perhaps you occasionally have that itch to head to the park and play all day! We bet your kids love outdoor activities when the weather is warm, too, and probably beg to stay and keep playing when the day is… Read more »

Smile Care: Beneficial Changes For Morning

How is your morning experience going in terms of your smile care? Would you say that you have your approach, technique, and plans so down pat that there’s absolute zero room for improvement? If you’re slowly shaking your head from side to side, then don’t worry: You’re not alone! The morning time is often full… Read more »

What’s Gone Wrong With Your Smile Routine?

Has something gone terribly awry with your smile routine? Is your home dental care sort of on track but not as streamlined as you’d like? Maybe when we talk with you about your routine, you secretly think to yourself, “Routine? What routine?” Whatever the case, our Ankeny, IA practice is pleased to inform you that… Read more »

The Things Your Ignored Cavity Interrupts

You may figure that you can just ignore that cavity that we have diagnosed (or that you are fairly certain you have) for a while. In fact, it’s just decay, you think to yourself, and this is something that happens to lots of people! So, you probably have a while before it’s really that big of… Read more »

“Nope” Answers To Veneer Questions

There are many ways to look at treatments that you’re considering for your smile. Generally speaking, you begin the process of learning by asking open-ended questions and then receiving the information you’re looking for, as you memorize key facts. However, you may wonder: What happens when you have lots of information but you are still… Read more »

Build With Legos!: Community Event

What’s that? Your floor is about to become completely covered in Legos (that you will inevitably step on) because school is out for the summer … and building something amazing is your kids’ main goal for the season? What to do, what to do? Well, why not keep those little, tiny blocks in their storage… Read more »

If You Break A Tooth, You Should…

Of course, we can offer you all of the advice in the world when it comes to avoiding a broken tooth, which might be something you’re thinking will be of use in the future. For now, however, you want to know: What should I do if I break a tooth? The first response is to… Read more »

Challenging Dental Care Concern? Make It Easier!

Everyone has a different, very unique experience with dental care. For some, most of the administrative details (keeping up with scheduling care) is very easy. For some, it’s extremely challenging! For some, enjoying and following through with dental hygiene every day is a breeze! For others? Not so much. To get started, our Ankeny, IA… Read more »

The Path From Bruxism To Tooth Loss!

One of the reasons we find that patients often have a laid-back approach to scheduling dental care when something has just started to go wrong? They don’t recognize that very early, often mild beginnings of oral health problems can lead to extremely severe ends! As a result, our Ankeny, IA team likes to keep you… Read more »

Your Sleep Apnea Improvement Checklist!

When what you want is to be able to sleep throughout the night without feeling the next day as though you haven’t, what you need is time discussing sleep apnea treatment with our Ankeny, IA team! You might assume you’re sleeping, only to discover that you’re actually becoming conscious and then slipping back into dreamland… Read more »