Month: September 2019

What To Do For A Fantastic “See Ya!” Moment In 2019

There’s something so relieving and also satisfying about saying goodbye to the current year, as we welcome in a new one. On one hand, you can wave goodbye to anything that didn’t go quite right, as you look forward to a clean slate! On the other hand, it’s heart-warming to look back fondly on things… Read more »

Kids Create Critter Art Class: Registration Deadline

Imagine you’re a kid again! What types of things fascinate you and make you smile? Playing outside, of course. The zoo, obviously! Oh, and then there’s sitting down for an art project. Great news: The upcoming Kids Create Critter Art Class combines all of these child-focused areas of fun for one very enjoyable outing in… Read more »

Things That Fillings Bring To A Screeching Halt

You might think of dental fillings as something you just have to receive when you have a cavity, we tell you that this is the treatment you need, and that’s where the details end. However, our Ankeny, IA team asks: Have you ever truly considered just how far-reaching the benefits of agreeing to this restoration… Read more »

Your Ankeny Dentist Discusses: Important Implant Care Reminders

There’s just something about dental implants that makes patients feel as though they are accessing something that will require specialized care. We know, you may not have really known about implants until recently, the fact that they are placed through surgery is more complex, so you naturally expect maintenance that is also more complex. The… Read more »

3 Teeth T’s And What To Think

Spending any amount of time staring at your teeth closely in the mirror and really giving them a good long think can cause you to start wondering about things you’ve simply never noticed before. Then, of course, dealing with any new sensation that pops up can also cause your thoughts to go into overdrive. Today,… Read more »

What to Do When You Grind Your Teeth Too Much

When you have a teeth-grinding problem (bruxism), you may not notice it at first. The times that you notice yourself grinding your teeth may not seem serious, and most of your grinding may occur while you sleep. However, before long, the effects of bruxism will become undeniably more noticeable, and those effects can impact almost… Read more »

LEGO Challenge Club (Ages 3rd Through 5th Grade)

This is some serious (well, seriously fun) business! If you have kids at home who are some exceptional builders and feel that they have what it takes to make it through a LEGO challenge, then this is most certainly the Ankeny, IA event to consider! It’s the LEGO Challenge Club, to be exact, which means… Read more »

Important Things To Remember About Teen Dental Care 

You need dental care. Your little ones need it. If you have kids in college, they require it. As you may have guessed, that means your teens require it, too! However, you may find that you’re not always completely sure about what their care is going to entail, how to best go about ensuring they… Read more »

Is My Smile Clean? Assumptions Versus Facts! 

If you’re really, really up-to-date and on top of the details associated with your preventive care responsibilities, then this is probably not something you frequently find yourself wondering about! However, whether you aren’t entirely sure about how to properly keep up with prevention, you have let it slide a bit, or you’re just curious about… Read more »

What You’re Not Realizing About Cosmetic Changes

When the thought of heading to our Ankeny, IA practice for cosmetic care crosses your mind, you may immediately dismiss it because you have come up with some assumptions that makes you guess it’s not everything you want. However, upon closer inspection (which is something you can easily do when you visit us), you may… Read more »