Month: April 2019

Chewing Pain: 4 Important Takeaways

When you’re not dealing with any type of discomfort, everything’s fine! You don’t think too much about the safety of your smile (beyond the fact that you need to practice your usual preventive care, of course). However, when you deal with any level of chewing pain, suddenly your world feels topsy turvy! What does this… Read more »

3 Ways To Feel Better About Tooth Loss

You might not be feeling too happy about your tooth loss at the moment. This is understandable, of course, as suddenly being at a loss of one or more of your teeth is not something that makes life easy or that helps you feel good about your smile! While our Ankeny, IA team certainly feels… Read more »

13th Annual Earth Day Stream And Watershed Cleanup

Still looking for a way to feel like you’ve really gone the extra mile this year in honor of Earth Day? Well then, look no further than the upcoming 13th Annual Earth Day Stream And Watershed Cleanup. It’s a bit of a mouthful but the experience is a very straightforward one! This is your opportunity… Read more »

Sports Drinks: Important Smile Factors To Consider

How often would you say you’re consuming sports drinks? If you have one every now and then, you will likely make it through the experience unscathed! However, if you are like many individuals who drink them frequently because you’re active frequently (or if your children love them because they’re brightly colored and delicious), then our… Read more »

Allergies: 3 Shocking Oral Health Consequences!

You already know that when allergies show up and impact your daily life, they bring some uncomfortable side effects with them. What you may not have realized just yet is that some of those issues can actually include problems with your smile! Who knew that in addition to having to tote around tissues, deal with… Read more »

Why Functional Disorders Are Serious Business

The second you hear that you have tooth decay or that infection is brewing, you go into full awareness mode. It’s time to fight that oral illness, make it go away, and restore your oral health! After all, you’ve been told since you were a tiny child that it’s very important to remain in the… Read more »

Toothbrush Questions Everyone Asks!

You might feel a little too embarrassed to bring up your toothbrush questions. Fortunately, there are many other patients out there who aren’t shy about bringing up inquiries in terms of their smile health at home! As a result, we have become quite well-informed about what patients are wondering about as they stand in their… Read more »

National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day 2019

There’s a lot going on during the week of April 21st! Easter celebrations come to a close and we welcome Earth Day on Monday! If you’ve got some plans in the making for taking special time to honor the environment or to clean up, we are happy to announce an event that will help: It’s… Read more »

Cavity Talk: Things You’re Forgetting

There are a few things you might be forgetting about in terms of cavities. This includes both preventing those cavities and dealing with them, should they arrive. While our Ankeny, IA team would love, of course, for you to avoid tooth decay completely, we also want to offer you a realistic outlook! So, let’s talk… Read more »

Smile Dangers: Categories To Remember

Of course, our Ankeny, IA team could rattle off a list of things that are dangerous for your smile and this could probably go on for quite some time. As a result, you may think to yourself that wow there are a lot of scary things out there! The truth is, though there may be… Read more »